Bitlocker Setup on HP Microserver and Windows Server 2008 R2

Posted by o.sommer

Since there is an optional TPM modul (installable at any time) available for the HP Microserver, I decided to Screencast the setup of Bitlocker on a box that has Windwos Server on it:

Nachdem es für den HP Microserver ein optionales (auch nachträglich) zu verbauendes TPM Modul gibt, habe ich mal einen Screencast erstellt , wie man mit Hilfe dieses TPM Modul ein mit Bitlocker sicher verschlüsselten Server konfiguriert:


How to buy Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials?

“Fine”, you’d say, “but I can not buy WSSe anywhere in central europe”

Not as of today, but on Wednesdays
SMB MVP Roadshow in Utrecht, Netherland, there will be an anouncement of the general availability of a product that has WSSe and is driven by the Hardware we all want WSSe to be on!