SBS Essentials: Unknown Administrator Password in Migration Mode

Posted by o.sommer

imageWhen you setup Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials (SBSe) in Migration mode using the cfg.ini file and you do not specify the PlainTextPassword attribute/parameter/option in the CFG.INI Answerfile then the SBSe setup will run through smoothly, reboot and logon using the password just fine.

If you reboot the server sometime later the administrator account would not be logged on automatically and you end up not knowing the automatically set password for the Account “administrator”.

Tracking down the issue with a couple of fellow MVPs (Susan Bradley and Robert Pearman in particular) we found out that the password that is used by default if you do not set any in the CFG.INI file is actually:


Knowing that, I was able to log on to the blocked SBSe install again.

Of course I change the Administrator account password right away! Winking smile