Wie findet man den Zeitpunkt des letzten Neustarts?

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In einer Eingabeaufforderung (CMD.EXE) den folgenden Befehl eingeben:
net statistics server | find "since"


Microsoft official Statement to discontinue Windows Essential Business Server

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From an email MS send to all EBS Partners about a week ago:

“Four years ago, we committed to building an infrastructure solution for the mid-market--Windows Essential Business Server (EBS) which was the first of its kind to meet the unique needs of mid-market IT professionals.  A number of Partners shared our vision and built a practice around this customer segment with EBS as the foundational technology. We sincerely thank you for your efforts, early adoption and promotion of our vision. However, since that time the market landscape has naturally changed.

On Friday (March 5), we announced the decision to streamline our server product portfolio and not develop a future version of EBS, effective June 30th, 2010. 

Since the launch of EBS, several changes have occurred that drove our decision to streamline our server product portfolio. 

  1. Many midsize businesses are rapidly turning to technologies such as management, virtualization and cloud computing as a means to cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase competitiveness. Those capabilities are already available through other offerings, including Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft System Center and the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). 

  2. This decision to discontinue development of future versions of EBS does not come lightly and will not impact any other Windows Server products and solutions. 

  3. We would like to sincerely thank you and your customers for using Windows Essential Business Server.  You can have peace of mind that EBS software will be supported through the normal product lifecycle. 

  4. We recognize that discontinuing EBS could result in additional cost and complexity if you and your customers decide to upgrade.  Because of this we are going to provide a limited offer for all EBS 2008 customers. 

Please refer to the resources on the below for more information on support, FAQs and a special offer for certified EBS Partners, your existing EBS customers and assistance to help you as a valued Microsoft Partner.   

  • EBS Partner Offer:   Beginning in April 2010, we will proactively send you (the Primary Contact of record in the Microsoft Partner Network database) the following package. (local taxes, shipping and handling charges may apply):

    • … (stripped by the publisher)

  • EBS Customer Offer:   Beginning on June 30, 2010 until December 31, 2010, current EBS 2008 customers can get most of the individual component software from the suite for free (local taxes, shipping and handling charges may apply).

    • This means EBS 2008 customers can get copies of Windows Server 2008 Standard, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Standard and Microsoft System Center Essentials 2007.

    • For more information on this announcement, continued support, and the special offer, please visit www.microsoft.com/ebs   or send email to AskEBS@microsoft.com

We remain committed to helping midsize customers and partners realize the benefits of IT solutions from Microsoft, and as such continue to invest aggressively in this space.  As an alternative to the EBS 2008 suite, we encourage you to learn more about individual component software from the suite including Windows Server 2008 R2, System Center Essentials, Microsoft Forefront, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.”