Trouble attending Lync based conference calls with Windows 8.1 and IE11?

Posted by O.Sommer

I am using Windows 8.1 since the day it became downloadable for me. Ever since i was having trouble attending those frequent conference call mostly with MS folks that are based on their Lync Server technologie.
It kept asking me to install the Lync WebApp addin, downloaded it and started to install, but then silently failed to install, though it added the addin to the “Programs and Features” list of my Computer where I tried to uninstall it from to try again, but had no luck and was not attending the calls online but via phone calls instead:Trauriges Smiley


now yesterday there was another appointment for a  call using Lync and I just had my new Lenovo Helix setup with Windows 8.1 Enterprise German and ended up frustrated again trying to attend the Lync call with tjust the same issue.
I knew that using another browser like Google Chrome solved the issue for other, but I just refuse to use multiple brwsers on a computer and usually am using just IE as most Ms sites work best with it or even not at all with other browsers.

Then I found this thread in MS Answers:

Lync 2013 Web app /plugin does not install on Windows 8.1

Where Robert posted at least a workaround for this issue:

You can work around it using the IE DT Emulation for IE10.  (F12, Ctrl-8, etc.)

So what does that mean and how do you excatly do this:

  • open the Lync calls link to attend using the Lync WebApp which should bring you to the page screenshoted above
  • Press F12 and the “Emulation” bar should aprear on your browsers window lower end:


  • now just change “User Agents” (german: “Zeichenfolge des Benutzer Agents”) in the lower left to Internet Explorer 10 and the page will reload
  • you should be able to install the Lync WebApp now and attend the call like you were used to afterwards: