Windows Server 2012 Essentials session recording from SMB Nation, Las Vegas is live!

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The recording of our session at the RIO Hotel and Casino conference center in Las Vegas earlier last month is now live and ready to be watched by you.

Thanks again for all the possitive feedback we got on this!
Change qualitiy settings to "HD" in full screen mode to make the PPTs readable!

Las Vegas?

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Im Oktober findet die SMB Nation Konferenz im Rio Casino in Las Vegas statt und aktuell bekommt man für 600 EUR einen Flug von Frankfurt nach Las Vegas!

Ich bin diese Jahr wieder als Sprecher zum Thema “Server 2012 Essentials” dabei.

Reservierungen und Infos unter:

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Windows 8 Developer Preview fertig!

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Nachdem heute auf der Build eine Developer Preview Version von Windows 8 veröffentlich wurde, hier mal ein Video von der WPC (Partner Conference) zum Thema. Auf die Hinweise in den Kommentaren achten:

USA Einreise kann eine “Herausforderung” sein….

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Ein Artikel der Site schildert einen interessanten Fall von “secondary Inspection” der den Schauergeschichten entspricht, die man unter Kollegen die viel in die USA reisen immer mal wieder diskutiert. Er zeigt wie die USA Einreisebehörden ihre potenzielle Macht ausüben und warum einige Kollegen nur noch ohne Laptop oder mit mehrfach sicher gelöschten, leeren Festplatten in die USA reisen um sich die dort benötigten Daten dann nach der Einreise über sichere Datenübertragungswege über das Internet (DirectAccess, VPN, etc.) auf das Gerät zu laden.


Interessant an diesem Artikel ist, das die Geräte trotz der Weiterung von Moxie die Passwörter herauszugeben, nach einigen Stunden an ihn zurückgegeben wurden. Leider kann man, sollte einem das selber passieren, wie im Artikel von Moxie angesprochen, diesen Geräten anschließend nicht mehr vertrauen und kann diese eigentlich nur noch über ebay (möglichst weit weg vom persönlichen Umfeld) verkaufen.

Hier findet ihr den Artikel:

Ein weiteres Beispiel für die "grandiose Feinfühligkeit" der Sicherheitsbehörden:

TechEd US 2010 in New Orleans, June 7th to 10th + Preday sessions on 6th

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I just registered to this years TechEd US which will be held in New Orleans, the home of the NFL Superbowl champions, the Saints!
There is a nice website to convince your boss or fiancé about why it is important to attend this conference:

Register now and meet me and other MVPs at the TLC and in the hallway for some networking about SMB IT business:


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Oliver Sommer contributes knowledge in supporting small and medium business channel partners, technology consultants and resellers at well-respected annual educational conference —

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA, March 19, 2010– The major worldwide SMB community organization, SMB Nation, announced today that Oliver Sommer has committed to present at its 5th Annual SMB Nation Spring conference in East Brunswick, New Jersey, April 30 – May 2, 2010.

The small and medium business (SMB) channel partner segment that attends this show will learn from Oliver Sommer over the course of a three-day professional conference. There is an emphasis on bona fide actionable takeaways that will include how to integrate Oliver Sommer main points into the existing technology consulting and reseller practices common to all channel partner attendees to drive immediate success, increased sales and profitability. More importantly, the channel partner will be better equipped to serve its existing and new small business customers. Relevant SMB-related technology offerings have always been an important target of SMB Nation’s 45,000 member “tribe” composed of a robust consulting and reseller customer base.

Oliver Sommer will deliver the following speech at SMB Spring 2010:

GS108 Hyper-V 101 for Small Businesses

“Virtualization is one of the major buzz words of the IT industry these days. This session covers the basics of how to effectively deploy, use and manage Hyper-V. You will learn about the different versions of Hyper-V and how to set them up to meet the small business customer needs. Oliver will show you how virtual machines are setup, managed and maintained.”

“Right now, there’s an incredible opportunity stemming from the recovering SMB market. If SMB Nation tribal members want to take advantage, they’ll have to show their customers how well they can meet their needs, producing value and adding capabilities,” said Harry Brelsford, CEO at SMB Nation. “An independent VAR/consultant/.channel partner can go into a small business as a consultant, with value-centric solutions. If a VAR has that coveted relationship where he functions as an trusted business IT advisor, he or she is in a good position to profit from SMB technology wave.”

The reseller must be able to tailor and market an overall SMB technology solution around the new wave of technology investments being made by small business customers. That requires knowledge of what products, services and peripherals might best suit his end-users.

“It’s SMB Nation’s vision to have its SMB Nation Spring 2010 conference attendees constantly thinking about how to make the end-customer sale more comprehensive, turning themselves into an essential resource by creating a sophisticated infrastructure,” Brelsford continued. “To do this, they need to know what trends offer the most potential right now, and what products they can combine to fit the bill. If we can identify that for our resellers, we all come out successful. And that journey starts right now with a critical and comprehensive overview offered by Oliver Sommer. ”

To learn more about attending SMB Nation Spring 2010 (East Brunswick NJ, April 30-May 2, 2010) and join hundreds of SMB Nation tribal members, please visit or call 1-888-SMB-NAT1.

SBSMigration Conference in New Orleans by Jeff Middleton

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Memorial Day Weekend May 27-30, 2010.

  • Attendee price $495

  • Guest registration fees have similar options, price rises $50 on Feb 1

Conference Topic - Optimize: Get Better Reality
This year we focus the session content on what we have learned recently and can apply on how to optimize work process, products, and business approach. With economic downturns and product options expanding, we all have need to get the most of what we can do and focus on.

Big Party Night&Events Planned
Working on a plan for the "big party night" that should be setting a new and higher bar on the scale of events to remember. Last's year we did the parade through the French Quarter, this year will be yet another milestone in how to have a great time in New Orleans. Live music every night, same schedule as last year for full-day Friday & Saturday sessions, plus half-day Sunday.

The Caribbean Cruise is On for 2010!
We again have the Monday to Sat sailing, we leave the day following the end of the French Quarter conference. This year we have a new, much more modern ship by Carnival to sail on.


SMB Conference in New Jersey Friday, April 29th to Sunday, May 2, 2010

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Harry Brelsford and his SMB Nation team announced that their annual Spring conference will again be held at the US east coast. This conference covers two full days and optional pre day events of content for small and midsized business IT consultants, system managers and business owners. This conference traditionally has at least one technical and business track of sessions that is driven by speakers that really know their business and like to speak about it.

The official wording for the conference goes like this:
SMB_Spring_2010 ”Preparations for the SMBnation 2010 Spring Conference are in full swing. This year's conference is being held at the beautiful Hilton Conference Center in East Brunswick,  NJ., Friday, April 29th to Sunday, May 2.

Once again we have challenged ourselves to provide small and medium business (SMB) channel partner bona fide actionable takeaways to assist them in being better equipped to serve their existing and new small business customers.  For more

information and to register please visit”

…and I am going to be a speaker on this conference for the first time on the SMB Nation spring conference. I’ll be speaking at the technical track about virtualization in the SMB space and the session title is going to be “GS108 Hyper-V 101 for Small Businesses”.

The conference is going to be in New Jersey somehow next to New York City as you can see on this map:


Come see me and other MVPs and fellow SMBlers at the conference this year for two days of content, social networking and maybe also some party (beware of the powder I tend to bring! :) )