no Traffic to Internet, though you can ping the gateway

Posted by O.Sommer

Tonight I was facing an interesting problem I did not had before.
I just had reinstalled a Server 2012 Essentials VM and was configuring this for internetaccess to patch and configure it.
Though i had entered a vaild IP and a vaild Gatway I misstyped the Gateway IP to be the same as the local OS IP. In my case Recognizing my error I reopened the IPv4 config dialog and change the IP to which is the gateway IP:


Then I tried accessing the internet for Patches and things, but that failed… hmm, well troubleshooting is my job and so.
I went on pinging the gateway IP, which succeded, then I ping a FQDN, which failed…hmm, ok went to check for DNS settings, all ok.

So went on an pinged one of the google DNS Server which also failed:


Interesting… so how come you get to the gateway IP just fine, but not bejond?
Well that’s usually a matter of the Gateway/Firewall/Router, right?
Ok, so checked the setting of the Gateway multiple times all seemed right… As the Gateway is a TMG I went on to monitor traffic coming from the VM:


Ping to the Gateway IP showed up just as expeted and were allowed.

But any other traffic to the internet, e.g. pinging didn’t even show up in the LOG… interesting…

Then I fired a “route print” on the VM and found something interesting, two default gateways:


WTH??!! Ok, now that’s not right and might cause the trouble…ie
So I tried to reset the gateway using the IP config dialog, which did not work as it always kept the wrong gateway of in the deafult route.

Ok, so the let’s use “route delete” and then reset the correct gateway in IPv4 setting:


and after resetting the correct gateway of in IPv4 setings:


after this pinging the web and DNS resolutions started to work just fine:


Windows 7 XP Mode doesn’t require CPU with virtualization feature anymore

Posted by o.sommer

Windows 7 XP Mode

Microsoft recently change the dependency of Windows 7s application compatibility feature called XP mode to not require a processor that supports hardware assisted virtualization. With that now any computer capable of running Windows 7 can also use the XP Mode feature. XP Mode is based on Microsoft Virtual PC.
To remove the dependency just install these two updates available from the MS Download site now:
“Install this update to remove the prerequisites required to run Windows Virtual PC and XP mode. The prerequisites include a processor which supports hardware assisted virtualization (HAV) which is also enabled in the BIOS. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.”

  • Update for Windows 7 (KB977206)

  • Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB977206)